Digital Marketing Audit

A time-relevant digital marketing strategy is necessary to stay ahead of market competitors. This may include adjusting your channel distribution tactics and your content strategies, for example.

As a digital marketing agency, we Drupal Geeks look into:

  • Website Desktop and Mobile Performance Audit 
  • Total SEO Website Audit and Social Media Audit 
  • Paid Ads Audit (Google Ads and Microsoft Ads) 
  • Competitor Analysis


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What We Look for During our Digital Marketing Audit

While conducting digital marketing audits, we closely investigate all your digital marketing channels. We discover the possible points of optimization and help you sail through it. Some of the many digital marketing audit triggers are: 

Timing: Beginning of the year/quarter, budget changes, after/before campaigns

Restructuring: New hires or management, alterations in teams/divisions

Performance: Modification in business targets

Strategy: Revision in tactical direction

Connections: Associating with a new agency



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