BoF is an acronym for Birds of a Feather, in the Drupal world this ref... Learn more

Caching is frequently used to boost the speed of Drupal based sites, b... Learn more

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CMS is an acronym for Content Management System. The purpose of a CMS ... Learn more

Drupal core refers to the collection of modules, files, and framework ... Learn more

Automatically executes a variety of commands or scripts on a user defi... Learn more

The drop-shaped Drupal logo.Learn more

All defined pieces of data are classified as entities within Drupal. T... Learn more

Types of data which can be attached to Drupal entities. Fields general... Learn more

A device for removing HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and other unwanted compon... Learn more

A method to marking an item for further processing on more


The version control system employed by Drupal code contributors to man... Learn more

A list of recorded events created in order to provide a trail that can... Learn more

Drupal allows developers to define actions that will occur when partic... Learn more

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