Contrib is an abbreviation of the word contributed. Modules and themes... Learn more

A group of developers who review proposed Drupal core changes as well ... Learn more

A core contributor refers to an individual who has contributed code, p... Learn more


DA is an acronym for The Drupal Association; a group devoted to servin... Learn more The website of Drupal.Learn more

A DrupalCamp is usually a one to three day conference in which classes... Learn more

A semi-annual Drupal conference and tradeshow committed to gathering D... Learn more


GDO is an acronym for GDO aids the Drupal community... Learn more

An acronym for Internet Relay Chat, IRC is a chat system on the Intern... Learn more

An issue is any broken or missing item present within a system. Issues... Learn more

A small piece of downloadable software or code constructed to update o... Learn more

Borrowed from medical term, triage is the process of determining the p... Learn more

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