Case Studies

Revamping Non-profit Organization’s Digital Platform to Provide a Deeply Personalized Experience!

A national non-profit organization that serves people suffering from brain disease and seizure disorders approached us to revamp their digital platform to offer deeply engaging experiences for their users throughout the journey, improve engagement and conversions.

Our journey with the organization

We have established nearly six years of strong and long-standing relationship with the Foundation and helped them accelerate their journey towards digital maturity with innovation and technology.

New challenges

  • Difficult site navigation
  • Poor digital asset management
  • Low performance
  • Higher infrastructure cost
  • Complex content authoring
  • Difficult workflow management
  • Lack of seamless CRM integration
  • Low engagement and conversion rate

Our Solution

Our team of Drupal consultants and Drupal developers provided the solution in three levels.

Easy content authoring: To improve content authoring and workflow management we adopted GCL (Global Code Library) model that they were having trouble with for the past several years.

Better site navigation: Component-based architecture was utilized for better site navigation and provide a user-friendly experience.

Deep personalization: Acquia Lift was leveraged to deliver personalized content based on user behavior.

revamped dxp nonprofit organization


  • 31% increase in organic traffic
  • 24% increase in new users
  • 100% increase in touch count after Acquia Lift integration
  • 30% increase in donations and user retentions

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