Case Studies

It's Never too Late to Find the Right Drupal Team to Back You Up

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We have customers who come to us for maintenance and support with their ordinarily-implemented websites, with average performance. Our Drupal team helps them to turn it into an extraordinary, high performing, scalable, and easy to maintain digital platform.

Our Drupal technology sales manager is often frequented with businesses suffering from problems pertaining to broken sites, sunken cost, delayed delivery and bad implementations. We sometimes wonder how something so foundational and basic for a business can be taken so lightly? It shouldn’t be.

Our client is a global consumer brand, who was having all the challenges listed below!

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Research on U.S. Net habits suggests that for every 1 sec delay in site performance, you lose at least 10 number of site visitors. 

On analysis, we discover that the root cause of these problems is:

  • Lack of clear vision for a digital customer journey
  • Lack of clear understanding of digital delivery process
  • Poor leadership, accountability and ownership
  • Poor site architecture and UI design
  • Lack of project management
  • Poor Development Skills (no certification, less number of years of experience, and proven track record of complex implementations.)
  • Poor UI/UX Engineering skills


Solutions that impact the bottom line: Connecting the dots.

  • Conducting site audits was first.
  • Implementing the right architecture using certified development teams was initiated.
  • Teams with minimum 5 years of experience in Drupal space were part of the team.
  • Recommending a cost-effective solution to fix the problem, both short and long term.
  • Extensive test and iterative fix to get rid of all the problems.
  • Engaging of good project management and technical team
  • Understanding and recommend an adaptive conversation


The Drupal Geeks Advantage

An eye for detail - at the micro level.

Performance engineering is an art. Drupal Geeks, has performance engineering framework that checks more than 200 engineering points before taking the site live.

We delivered 4x improvement in Performance, Improved User engagement & increased Acquisitions

Getting all the facts right. 

We delve deep with our Performance Engineering Audit and understand all the aspects that need correction.

Knowing what is important and critical.

Some issues cannot wait. You may have been told that it is expensive and time consuming to deliver a high-performance website, but when it comes to critical “solve it now” issues, we fix the problem in hours or in days. - Improved DevOps process & Faster on Demand Deployment cycles

Without addressing the fundamental problems facing your website, you cannot start building new features on top of it…it’s like having a weak foundation for your building but without correcting the foundation, you keep adding new rooms on top of it. We all know what will happen!