Case Studies

Building a Scalable and High-performing Drupal Platform for a Community College to Conduct a Virtual Graduation Ceremony

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on many industries especially the education sector where the school, colleges, and universities had to suspend classes, close-down campuses, and postpone exams and rely on digital mediums for the continuation of the schedules. Our client wasn’t prepared for it and facing issues with their website that take a lot of time to load and also crashing frequently. They approached us to build a new Drupal-based platform that offers high performance and deliver engaging experience for their students.


  • The site was having several glitches and errors as it was migrated from WordPress to Drupal 8 in an inconsistent manner by their previous vendor.
  • Designs were misaligned.
  • Poor architecture design imposed several security threats.
  • Content was not optimized for search engines properly.
  • High developer dependency even for minuscule content changes.
  • Took 7-8 seconds for the site to load.

Our two-fold solution

Our team of Drupal Strategists, Drupal Consultants, and Drupal Architects build a strong Drupal platform addressing the two major pain points of the client.

  • Easier content authoring and management
  • Improve student and staff engagement

Post the detailed site audit, the site’s architecture was revamped and redesigned with Drupal 8 upgrades and stabilized it for better user experience.

  • Site became stable and secure after regular security patch updates.
  • Revamped architecture helped administrators to publish content with less developer dependency.
  • Site taxonomy was altered and fixed according to user searches.
  • Design misalignment issues were rectified and also refined the site’s overall visual appeal.
  • Website sidebar was fixed for better navigation
  • New banners were implemented to create Covid alerts and new guidelines for students to follow to remain safe and healthy.
  • Drupal chat functionality was implemented through which the students could get relevant information regarding their courses, admissions, training programs, and certifications.

Launching a graduation ceremony commencement site in 3 weeks

As the pandemic brought the challenge of conducting a live graduation ceremony, the college approached us to build a separate website that replicates all the aspects of a real-world graduation event. Our team was also given the daunting challenge of building the website in a span of 3 weeks and handle the following attributes:

  • President’s commencement address
  • Awards – courses, trainings, and certifications
  • Videos from faculties and staff members of different departments
  • Student testimonials
  • Individual messages – faculty and staff
  • A yearbook containing the photos and videos of students in that academic year.

Value delivered

  • Website performance improved by 135%
  • YouTube views and subscription increase by 50% to witness the graduation ceremony.
  • Drupal chat functionality increased student engagement by 10%
  • Visitor engagement improved by 7%
  • Delivered almost real, virtual graduation experience

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