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The Psychology Behind Choosing the Right Creative Direction


Decision-making is one of the essential functions of management in any small, medium, or large enterprise. Every decision you make might treat a specific need or problem in one department, but they also address the overall goal of the company – profitability, productivity, growth, customer service, and so on. That’s why we cannot see decisions as isolated and single, but a process that consists of several stages and that cannot be done in a vacuum.

Factors That Influence Decision-Making

When making any important decisions about choosing your company’s creative directions, there are some key factors to understand and consider to make better plans and choices.

Brand Impact

Everything you do has an impact on your brand image. With that in mind, you’ll know that because you see a way to increase your sales with a 50% discount doesn’t mean you should do it. If the deal tells your customers that you cannot sell your product at full price, maybe it would be better to take a write-off or donate it and protect your brand. Consider what your customers will think.


In other words – profitability. Calculating your ROI is simple – it’s the amount of money you gain or lose after undertaking a business activity. By calculating your ROI for each opportunity, you will know what options offer a better investment.

Opportunity Cost

By taking one opportunity, you miss all others. For example, if you buy new equipment, you won’t be able to give bonuses or raises this year. If you go for social media ads, you might not have enough to go for a PPC campaign as well. Always ask yourself, before making an important decision, what would happen if you don’t pursue it.

Going Creative or Choosing an Off-The-Shelf Template


Going with a creative, custom template will enable you to portray your business as a unique entity in your market.

On the one hand, being original means that you aim to create a one-of-a-kind experience in every aspect – website design, physical store appearance, customer experience, utilizing current SEO trends, etc. For example, if you plan to scale up, your custom-design website will allow your platform to grow with you because it was made to suit each aspect of your business. On the other hand, creativity and originality often come at a higher price and require more time to get finished.

Template solutions are cheaper and ready-to-go because the structure is already provided for you. However, you will risk your business to look the same as another business that also went for the same template as you, which significantly takes away from your uniqueness. These solutions are also limited in their functionality features and usability, as they are not tailored to enhance the experience of your customers individually.

When choosing the right direction for your SME, focus on the amount of flexibility you’ll get along the way. Without flexibility, the chances for success are lowered, because you won’t be able to adjust whenever things go the wrong way. Flexibility helps you avoid getting stuck and opens many doors to many great possibilities.

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