Achieve Your Personalization Goals by Delivering One-to-One Customer Experiences

Our Drupal Geeks work day and night to assess, frame and execute realistic personalization strategies that focus on customer segmentation, behavioral analysis and other valuable data. Elevate your brand’s digital maturity level with us as your Drupal personalization solution provider.

How We Approach Personalization


Personalized Experience Capabilities

  • Personalized customer experiences considering touchpoints
  • Converting generic content into personalized experiences
  • Proactively customize layouts per audience preferences 
  • Creating automated content personalization method for diverse channels 
  • Implement trigger messages on email & app 
  • Give useful, adaptive suggestions in topics of product, content, email recommendations

Case Study

How AI based content and commerce personalization increases revenue


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    Brett McCoin

    Director of Business Development

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    Delona Lang

    Director of Partnerships and Customer Success

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    Ken Lowenberg

    Director of Digital Marketing and Technology

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  • Abi

    Abhijit Paul

    Associate Director - Managed Services

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