Drupal Geeks Believes in an Outcome-driven Engagement Model

With our awesome outcome-driven Engagement Model, we believe in reaching performance benchmarks including page load time, stability, security, and scalability.


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Inspecting Your Performance & Scalability Factors

Many businesses dependent on Drupal are face problems related to website and application performance and responsiveness. Yes, we know Drupal is a mind-blowing technology and an optimized one, but your individual Drupal implementations may need optimization.

Our Drupal Geeks proactively identify any performance concerns and eradicate them efficiently. They are experts in several commercial and open-source tools. We make suitable recommendations based on observations. At a high level it includes: CPU, Memory, SQL, and thread profiling. This will result in better user experience.

Drupal Geeks also optimizes the scalability of your website. This translates to more capacity and throughput. The hosting server should be scalable enough to handle sudden traffic surges. Your site can handle more requests simultaneously with reduced downtime.


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Why to Opt for Performance Testing?

Performance testing outcomes will inform you and us of the quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, accuracy and reliability of the application. You will also find answers to questions such as:

  • How is the system responsiveness for the users?
  • Will the system or component be able to function under predictive conditions for a defined time period?
  • Will the system be stable at particular user loads
  • What is the maximum capacity for the server to handle?
  • Scalability- Is the application stable under expected and unexpected user loads (AKA Robustness) or maximum capacity that the server can handle at peak load?
Why to Opt for Performance Testing?


Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Drupal 9 Migration Journey

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    Adhitya Rajkumar

    Digital Solutions Architect

    Innovative Mindset – Our accelerators and migration processes help clients expedite their migrations at lower cost. The Drupal support that you get here is unparalleled.

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    Associate Director - Managed Services

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