Actions provide you with the capability of implementing specific fu... Learn More

A Drupal site visitor who is not logged in. Drupal deems such visit... Learn More


API or Application Programming Interface is a specific set of instr... Learn More

A path section for a page within a Drupal website. In the path /nod... Learn More

An article is a type of content that is enabled, by default, in the... Learn More

A base theme is collection of CSS theme files that Drupal experts u... Learn More

A basic page is a type of content that is enabled, by default, in t... Learn More

The term block refers to the individual sections of a Drupal site p... Learn More


BoF is an acronym for Birds of a Feather, in the Drupal world this... Learn More

Sets of pages that are attached in a hierarchical structure are kno... Learn More

The term breadcrumbs refers to the group of links, customarily in t... Learn More

Bundles are an implementation of an entity type to which fields can... Learn More

Caching is frequently used to boost the speed of Drupal based sites... Learn More

A method of registering a path so that a designated function is fir... Learn More

See DrupalCamp

CCK is an acronym for Content Construction Kit. It refers to a cont... Learn More

In Drupal different types of objects are able to be arranged in hie... Learn More

A clean URL is simply a URL that does not contain code. Normally, D... Learn More

CMS is an acronym for Content Management System. The purpose of a C... Learn More

Code Freeze in a term that is used in the community development of... Learn More

Images, text, video, and audio are all examples of content. Content... Learn More

Content types are predefined elements that allow you to add content... Learn More

Contrib is an abbreviation of the word contributed. Modules and the... Learn More

Drupal core refers to the collection of modules, files, and framewo... Learn More

A group of developers who review proposed Drupal core changes as we... Learn More

A core contributor refers to an individual who has contributed code... Learn More

Automatically executes a variety of commands or scripts on a user d... Learn More


DA is an acronym for The Drupal Association; a group devoted to ser... Learn More

Delta is an index for blocks, and or fields of similar type. The website of Drupal.

A DrupalCamp is usually a one to three day conference in which clas... Learn More

A semi-annual Drupal conference and tradeshow committed to gatherin... Learn More

The drop-shaped Drupal logo.

A PHP based scripting interface and command line shell created spec... Learn More

All defined pieces of data are classified as entities within Drupal... Learn More

FAPI is an acronym for the Drupal Forms Application Programming Int... Learn More

Types of data which can be attached to Drupal entities. Fields gene... Learn More

A device for removing HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and other unwanted com... Learn More

A method to marking an item for further processing on Learn More

A customary placeholder title for functions or variables ($foobar).... Learn More

A customized version of source code from a software package which h... Learn More


GDO is an acronym for GDO aids the Drupal commun... Learn More


The version control system employed by Drupal code contributors to... Learn More


GUI is an acronym for Graphical User Interface. A visual system for... Learn More

A hook is a PHP function can extend the functionality of other modu... Learn More

Text that is designed to be user-friendly is sometimes referred to... Learn More

An abbreviation for internationalization, where the number “18” rep... Learn More

I filter used to display content in a desired fashion. When an auth... Learn More

An acronym for Internet Relay Chat, IRC is a chat system on the Int... Learn More

An issue is any broken or missing item present within a system. Iss... Learn More

An abbreviation for localization, where the number “10” represents... Learn More

An acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, LAMP, also referred to... Learn More

Legacy code is source code that relates to a no-longer supported te... Learn More

A list of recorded events created in order to provide a trail that... Learn More

In Drupal, menu can be refer to both internal (admin) and external... Learn More

Software (usually PHP and CSS) that extends Drupal features and fun... Learn More


Node ID. The unique identifier for each node. It can be found in th... Learn More

A single page or piece of content in Drupal. Some examples of nodes... Learn More

See content type.

A specific URL on a web site For example... Learn More

See child

A small piece of downloadable software or code constructed to updat... Learn More

The trailing text that follows after a site’s domain name. For exam... Learn More

A way to restrict or grant access to specific areas of content crea... Learn More

A publically viewable node is said to be published. For example a b... Learn More

In Drupal, a line or sequence of issues or jobs awaiting their turn... Learn More

Visual areas of a page where content can be placed. Basic regions i... Learn More

A collection of permissions that can be applied to specific website... Learn More


Really Simple Syndication. RSS is technology used to monitor rapidl... Learn More

A sprint is period of intense work in the Agile development method.... Learn More

A content type that is included in Drupal 6 and earlier installatio... Learn More


See term.

A file format (tar) and the name of the program used to handle such... Learn More

Taxonomy refers to the capability in Drupal to create vocabularies... Learn More

An abbreviated summary that gives hints to readers about the subjec... Learn More

A template is a tool used to separate content from presentation in... Learn More

Also called tags, a word or phrase used to describe a thing or to e... Learn More

A file or collection of files which together determine visual prese... Learn More

Theme engines in Drupal are software components that combine data f... Learn More

Borrowed from medical term, triage is the process of determining th... Learn More

Drupal allows developers to define actions that will occur when par... Learn More


Short for User ID. The numerical identification for each unique use... Learn More

See published


Acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. Also known as web address, it... Learn More


Abbreviation for User Experience. Any aspect of a person's perceive... Learn More

A contributed module which offers a flexible method for Drupal site... Learn More

The body of words used in a particular language. In Drupal, vocabul... Learn More

A term used by Drupal to define the priority or order in which an o... Learn More

A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into thi... Learn More

An acronym for “What You See Is What You Get”. In modern terms, a W... Learn More

A method of improving the usability and readability of tabular data... Learn More


A popular data compression format. A zip file holds one or more fil... Learn More