Drupal 9 Migration & Upgrade – Simplified!

Upgrading or migrating a site can be a daunting, time-consuming, and expensive task. We have the right specialists, extensive industry experience, and an award-winning Drupal team who can make the process agile, stress-free, and cost-effective.


Case Study

Integrating Content And Commerce For Koenig Equipment
On Drupal 9



“At Koenig Equipment we have been on Drupal for many years and have a complex site with several customizations. It was important for us to find a Drupal partner that would allow us to maintain the functionality of our existing site and upgrade us to take advantage of the functionality and security improvements available in Drupal 9. Ameex delivered. Their team took on the task and remained on schedule even when unexpected challenges were uncovered. The communication with the team was great and included regular updates on the progress of the project. I would recommend Ameex to handle anyone’s Drupal project.”

Aric Koenig,

IT Director, Koenig Equipment


Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 Upgrade

  • Community support ends by November 2022
  • Seamless integration capabilities
  • Better content authoring experience. Faster time to market
  • Out-of-box mobile responsive design 
  • Multi-site management option
  • Effortless social media integration
  • Decoupled architecture

Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 Upgrade

  • Community support ends by November 2021 
  • Deprecated codes will be removed once community support ends 
  • Enhanced contributed modules 
  • Easy platform unification and better global governance 
  • Backward compatibility is possible 
  • More multi-language support

Different CMS to Drupal 9

  • Best fit for both Enterprise and SMB business groups 
  • Offers a wide range of third-party tools integration capabilities 
  • Landing page development is fast and easy with Drupal 9 
  • Highly secured open-source platform 
  • Backed by a strong global community

Our Drupal 9 Upgrade Methodology

Analyse Existing CMS

Understand how the content, files, users etc. are stored

Analyse features and existing architecture

Report and documentation

icon brain
Content Inventory

List all content types

Identify duplicate contents

Upgrade planning and documentation

icon 2
Upgrade Process

Use any software or write custom scripts for upgrade

Maintain log file for upgrade

Migrate URL structure of the page if needed

icon wheel
Test and Validate

Ensure all content is migrated in the excepted format

Validate SEO data of the page

Check if there is any 404 pages exist

icon 3

Add redirects if the URL of the page is changed

Migrate meta-tag, page title

Update online 404 links with the new ones

icon 4
Content Cleaning / Revision

Migrate file (video, pdf, etc), if any, that resides within the content

Replace absolute URL with the relative URL

Clean / Update content if there is any issue with the format



Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Drupal 9 Migration Journey

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