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Why Drupal Geeks?

We understand how complex and challenging managing a Drupal site can be in the evolving digital world. We at Drupal Geeks, a division of Ameex Technologies, can help you get your Drupal site ranked highly and stay that way.

Testing web-based CMS applications has been a service offering of Drupal Geeks for several years. Our dedicated web CMS testing team has excellent experience understanding and implementing best practices for Metadata, XML, RSS Feeds, Templates, Workflow, CSS, content publishing, and Security Hierarchy Enforcements and Customizations.

Our test engineers work as front end and backend testers of BI (Business Intelligence) layered CMS. We prepare checklists and test cases for each part of your site, which then is regularly reviewed and modified if needed. Our QA engineers have experience supporting a wide range of web CMS products and have cross domain expertise. We also have hands-on experience in all CMS Testing.

With our Drupal Geeks onboard, your marketing and communications teams will not need any technical background to achieve your business goals.



Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Drupal 9 Migration Journey

Web CMS Testing Services

We specialize in designing and developing test strategies for Web CMS Testing. Customized bug reports and bug statistics are regularly provided to our clients.

  • Functional Testing 
  • Workflow Testing 
  • UAT Testing 
  • Usability Testing 
  • Testing web CMS as SAAS 
  • Drupal Security Testing (XSS Attacks, SQL Injection)
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Cross Platform Testing
  • Custom Automation Testing

Case Study

Integrating Content And Commerce For Koenig Equipment On Drupal 9


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