Drupal Support and Maintenance Services

Drupal Geeks bring 12+ years of award-winning Drupal expertise through our certified developers & 24/7 SLA-based support plans. We proactively keep your Drupal 7, Drupal 8 or Drupal 9 websites updated, stable, available, and always secure through our site support plans.

Our Drupal support services are carefully designed to actively meet critical requirements of Drupal websites.


Our Drupal Website Maintenance Service

Proactive Drupal Security & Patch Updates
Periodic Health Checks & Site Audit
Drupal Security Audit
Website Performance Monitoring
Website Uptime Monitoring
Site Backup & Disaster Recovery
SEO Services
Drupal Development
24X7 Emergency Support

How We Do It

Deep Drupal Expertise

Through our in-depth Drupal site audit, we review key areas and document our findings and baseline key parameters of the site. All these results become useful in maintaining the site.

Proactive Drupal Updates

Ameex Support services are designed to proactively perform all important security updates on time, so clients do not have to constantly look out or worry.

Ongoing Development Support

As per your needs, our Drupal support plan allows you to request any type of work on your site. Our multi-skilled team of experts provide you creative or technical help you require.

Ongoing Enhancements

Along with periodic security updates, we also constantly work towards improving the site’s important parameters like Performance, Security, SEO, UX, ADA compliance etc.

Dedicated Account Team

Service Delivery Manager and Drupal Developers will be mapped to your account, so you know them in person. This team will constantly work with you, meet with you on status calls, ad hoc meetings to keep you posted.

Service Dashboard

How much of your service hours are being used for regular updates, what are your current open tasks, task in progress, completed tasks, task level details. We provide all this information through an intuitive and comprehensive Service Dashboard.

24/7 Emergency Support & Monitoring

We understand your website is critical for your business. Our Drupal support plans come with 24/7 uptime monitoring and emergency support for any critical requests.

SLA Based Service Delivery

Our services are SLA-based. We operate 24/7/365, so all your critical requirements have short turnaround time and delivered on time.

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Why Choose Drupal Support Service

Deep Drupal Expertise

  • Multi Skilled Support Team. 100K of support tickets delivered.
  • 12+ years of expertise in custom Drupal development and handling complex environments.
  • 50+ Drupal contributions. Certified Drupal developers.

Cost Advantage & Operational Maturity

  • Quick reduction in ticket backlogs. Reduced time to market.
  • No upfront investment. Affordable plans, no commitment.
  • 12+ years of process and operational maturity.
  • CMMI, ISO 27001 certified.

Security & Coverage

  • Secure Design, Coding and Development best practices.
  • Site Audits, Source Code Testing, Application Firewall Services.
  • 24/7 Emergency Support and Site Monitoring.

Enhancement & Business Outcome

  • Ongoing Site Enhancements.
  • WCAG/ADA Compliance, SEO, Digital Marketing Services.
  • Digital Maturity Assessment & Consulting Services.



“I very much enjoy working with the team at Ameex / Drupal Geeks. Everyone is responsive, knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. They provide excellent services, stable rates, and are completely reliable, even after regular business hours. If you have a technical problem, they will work on it until it is solved - and solved to the client's satisfaction.”



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