Optimize Your Drupal Website with Our Digital Audit

A Drupal audit by our experts guarantees that your Drupal site will perform better than expected. Our team will help you establish an important pillar for site maintenance, support, and further development. Our audit makes you aware of your pain points, reveals competitor insights, and leads you to your path to achieve digital success.

Drupal Geeks has been serving worldwide brands for over a decade. Consider us for your next round of audits and we will easily impress you with our professionalism and valuable insights.

Why Do I Need a Drupal Website Audit?

Website Audits are highly recommended to make sure your website is up to date and performing well. A comprehensive audit will uncover performance issues, identify security vulnerabilities, perform general site maintenance and prepare the site for changes and upgrades. Our team of experts carry out an in-depth analysis of your site that includes an overall adherence to Drupal best practices. We will examine server configuration, Drupal configuration, code and security assessments, site performance and SEO optimization. Because every Drupal site is different, Drupal Geeks provide website audit services that are highly customized and tailored to best meet your business needs.

How the Drupal Geeks Digital Maturity Audit Works?

Current State Analysis - business and technical

Main features, use cases and entity relationships, Competitor evaluation, business & technical measurement

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Technical Audit Components

Architecture, Code, Configuration, Custom Modules/ extensions, UX/UI, Performance, SEO, Integrations, Security & Hosting

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Focus Areas

From short term to long term

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Foreseeable business outcomes that can be aimed/improved with the help of digital assets
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Digital Maturity Roadmap

Personalization, AMP/PWA, Mobile Apps, SEO, SEM, & SMM, Chatbots, RPA, CRM, CDP, DMP, CIAM will be included

What's Covered in Our Drupal Website Audit?

  • Overall Functionality
  • Performance and Speed
  • Best Practices
  • On Page SEO
  • Code and Security
  • Content Structure



Advantages of a Drupal Geeks Audit

  • Become more relevant
  • Stay ahead of the curve and competition
  • Minimize Maintenance Costs
  • Successfully grow your business
  • Correct past errors
  • Better business management
  • Improve efficiency of digital assets
  • Prepare for future enhancements

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