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GMD Media is a magazine site in which magzines at various different regions can be purchased. At present the payment process for all the different regions are taken place at one particular account and the get distributed to the different regions manually.

Client Needs

To modify the existing workflow for the payment process such that each region purchase get added to that particular region head office branch and then get deposited to the bank through the instead doing it manually.

  • Modify the module to create the ability to connect minimum of  4 API keys in the same system.
  • Modify the magazine subscription product system to allow admins to assign a magazine subscription to any 1 of the 4 API keys.


For the above requirement, we have modified the module and then we have also created a custom module "uc_multi_authorizenet_api" to manage the Authorize.Net API keys.

Technology Platforms
Drupal 7

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