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Acromag wanted to establish responsive theme and a modern design to their website using their existing set of database. Apart from the design, there was some new custom functionality that needed to be incorporated in the website. Also, SEO was a major area of improvement as far as branding of the website was concerned.

Client Needs

Following were the key items client desired with respect to User interface design:

  • Mobile Responsive design
  • Refresh templates for modernization
  • Newsletter sign-up form
  • Footer with a mini-site map
  • Improved Registration form
  • ‘Highlights’ content / video section on landing page
  • Enhanced navigation
  • Social media visibility
  • Short navigation to view product pages

Whereas other desired items include:

  • Better file management
  • Faster loading of pages
  • Spam filtering
  • Fine-tuned google search


After understanding the client requirements and gathering all the information required to kick off the project, Ameex understood the below listed scope for the project work.

  • To provide Theme suggestion & implementation
  • To understand and design workflow for website
  • To build and enhance functional requirements through custom Drupal modules
  • To provide UI customization as per client needs
  • To provide recommendations for end to end server configuration requirements
  • To provide with a user service manual document for administrator and other user roles to access the Drupal core and custom functionalities developed

The early experience of Acromag with in-house development for Drupal 7 upgrade on website was not very smooth. Thus, the Ameex was not only required to provide development on new enhancements but also to maintain the existing features with Drupal best standard practices.

Key Features & functionalities

  • Customization over selected responsive Drupal theme “Retail Shop Drupal 7 Mobile Commerce”
  • Re-implement non-standard code to Drupal custom modules
  • Website layout Redesign
  • Drupal latest version update
  • Google Site search integration
  • Search Engine Optimization enhancements

Technology Platforms
Drupal 7


We have recieved appreciations for the previous phase deployments. The project is currently is in next phase.

"I just want to let you know that everyone here at Acromag is impressed with the timeliness and quality of your work (J) Thank you!"


Karen Haldenwanger. Acromag, Inc.


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