Drupal 9 Personalization

Want to make personalization work for you? Our Drupal experts can help you to effectively plan and launch personalization campaigns to drive engagement and conversions.

We understand the benefits of displaying the right results to the right users on the right platforms at the right moment. That’s why we leave no stone unturned for our discerning clients who need to fulfil end-user requirements in a customized way. One size doesn’t fit all, and we’ll tailor your perfect fit.

Drupal Geeks Personalization Capabilities

We specialize in creating individualized personalization using Acquia Personalization and other leading personalization engines

Our Personalization Approach

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Define Goals

Determine your digital goals that should drive personalization, such as increase engagement, cross-selling, reduce customer churn, drive sales, etc

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Know your audience

Outline your audience segment, build personas, and create content tailored for each segment. Identify your audience using various data types – user context, demographic, firmographic, behavioral, etc

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Map the customer journey

Map out journeys to know at what stages to deliver personalized content. (Need, Research, Decision, Customer)

Go Omnichannel

Single customer view by acquiring data from all your channels to deliver seamless relevant content at any device, channels

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Create Workflow & Test

Create workflows for launching, maturing, and testing a personalization program

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Content Strategy

Develop an effective content strategy that documents how to craft content for each persona, channels, campaigns, etc.


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