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Jun 10, 2016

Things You Want To Make Sure You Do When Upgrading to Drupal 8


When you're upgrading your existing Drupal version to Drupal 8 version, there are certain things that you need to check and analyse. Here are the things you want to do when upgrading:

  • Analyze the existing site
  • Migration
  • Check performance and security

Analyze the Existing Drupal Site:

Module Mapping:

  • Analyze and keep the full details of existing site modules (both contributed and custom modules) in the module mapping document.
  • For contributed module, check if it's available in D8 version.
  • If  not, check if it's available in core.
  • If not, find an alternative module for that functionality.
  • If not available in alternative module, go with custom module for that functionality.
  • For custom module, R&D the module functionality in previous version and implement it in Drupal 8.

Theme Verification:

  • Analyze the existing site’s theme layer and find out the details of base theme, sub theme, regions, templates and css.
  • For contributed theme, check if it’s been ported to Drupal 8.
  • If not, it’s been recommended to use bootstrap because it has a huge support, easily customizable, easily reusable and comes with responsiveness.
  • For custom theme, you need to change .info and .js files.

Content Mapping:

  • Analyze and keep the existing site’s content level details, views, blocks, users and in the content mapping document.
  • Keep the count of contents, views, blocks and users.

You can upgrade the site in two ways:

  • Drush : For upgrading from Drupal 6 to 8 using drush please click here
  • Migrate Upgrade UI : For upgrading from Drupal 7 to 8 using UI, click here

 Content migration : The content clean up and normalization are required when upgrading the content.
                i. Hardcoded URLs
                         Remove all the hard coded links( contents,blocks,views) with the help of mysqldump and use dynamic url for all links.
                ii. Content type
                         Clean up the content type which is not needed or for those used in few places, use Block and block type instead.
                  iii. Remove hardcoded HTML tags
               iv. Remove Script and PHP tags
               v. URL aliase clean up


Theme migration: For best practices, you have to make sure you’re going through these steps:

                i. Cross  browser compatability
                          ii. Layout fixing: Remove the unnecessary sidebar block for inner pages if any.

iii.Layout builder:
                              Incorporate layout builder modules:
                                     Remove the static html home page and implement this using panels and blocks.


Check Performance and Security
        Performance : You need to check the following steps for performance
                i. Image optimization
                                   Reduce the size of the image using image tools. It improves site load speed and provides better performance.
                       ii. Aggregation
                             Remove unwanted js load (Bootstrap). It improves site load speed and provides better performance.
                 iii. Compression and minification
                 iv. Gzip compression
                 v. Cache implementation  
                                      1. Drupal Page, block, views core caching.
                                      2. Memcache caching backend.
                  vi. Fast 404 implementation

       Security : You need the check these steps for security reason
                i. Security kit
                ii. Password policy
                iii. Captcha
                                 Restrict the spam users by using captcha.
                         iv. Views access
                        v. Filesystem permission and ownership

How we can help you?

For a thorough assessment and professional guidance on upgrading your Drupal website, Drupal Geeks can be reached out @ 312-340-7112 or send an email to [email protected]