An article is a type of content that is enabled, by default, in the st... Learn more

A basic page is a type of content that is enabled, by default, in the ... Learn more

Images, text, video, and audio are all examples of content. Content is... Learn more

Content types are predefined elements that allow you to add content th... Learn more


Node ID. The unique identifier for each node. It can be found in the p... Learn more

A single page or piece of content in Drupal. Some examples of nodes ma... Learn more

See content type.Learn more

A specific URL on a web site For example Learn more

A publically viewable node is said to be published. For example a blog... Learn more


Really Simple Syndication. RSS is technology used to monitor rapidly c... Learn more

A content type that is included in Drupal 6 and earlier installations.... Learn more


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Taxonomy refers to the capability in Drupal to create vocabularies and... Learn more

An abbreviated summary that gives hints to readers about the subject o... Learn more

Also called tags, a word or phrase used to describe a thing or to expr... Learn more

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The body of words used in a particular language. In Drupal, vocabulary... Learn more

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