Actions provide you with the capability of implementing specific funct... Learn more


API or Application Programming Interface is a specific set of instruct... Learn more

A path section for a page within a Drupal website. In the path /node/8... Learn more

Bundles are an implementation of an entity type to which fields can be... Learn more

A method of registering a path so that a designated function is fired ... Learn more

Code Freeze in a term that is used in the community development of the... Learn more

Delta is an index for blocks, and or fields of similar type.Learn more

A PHP based scripting interface and command line shell created specifi... Learn more

FAPI is an acronym for the Drupal Forms Application Programming Interf... Learn more

A customary placeholder title for functions or variables ($foobar).Learn more

A customized version of source code from a software package which has ... Learn more

A hook is a PHP function can extend the functionality of other modules... Learn more

An acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, LAMP, also referred to as... Learn more

Legacy code is source code that relates to a no-longer supported techn... Learn more

In Drupal, a line or sequence of issues or jobs awaiting their turn to... Learn more

A sprint is period of intense work in the Agile development method. Th... Learn more

A file format (tar) and the name of the program used to handle such fi... Learn more


A popular data compression format. A zip file holds one or more files ... Learn more

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