Case Studies

Why it's crucial to have a strong Drupal architecture to build next-gen Digital Experience

next-gen digital experience

Most forward-thinking organizations rely on digital technologies for their daily activities. Digital solutions that enable you to provide Channel experience and customer engagement to the increasingly changing needs of your digital customers, and that is the key to success.

Defining a great engagement experience for the customer needs to be across channels with the core and to a large extent the only focus being the customer.

“Building the next generation CX – with Drupal” backed by Analytics was the starting point of the relationship with this client of ours, who is a global nutrition brand.

Evaluation and thorough audit of their existing digital assets led us to understand and analyze existing functional and technical challenges. And presenting both a short term and long-term architecture recommendation based on the business requirements was the first step towards establishing a clear road map. 

Our client was able to see the value in the long-term option to his bottom line which led to a solution that allowed for:

  • Planned expansion to global markets
  • Creation of a stable core platform to withstand the day-to-day needs and provide a foundation to evolve with new features & enhancements
  • Enable innovation to adapt to the changing digital needs - Personalization, Chatbots, AMP, Mobile Apps, Conversational Assistants etc.,
  • Being able to adapt to change in business strategy - Move from Content strategy to Content + Commerce strategy - Hybrid approach (Drupal + Shopify)

As a solution provider partner, we were able to develop a Core Architecture keeping all the above in mind, using one market as the lead market to implement. A concept of "Global Code Library(GCL)" was panned out and standardized. Once the GCL was stable, scalable and in place, we developed a strong Localization process to expand the digital assets to various markets.

The bigger we grow, the more the responsibility. And more the necessity to excel as an organization that is growing through innovation and delivery. We went ahead and did a lot of innovative pilot projects and Proof of Concepts to help prove to the customer that what is considered improbable is possible.

Following are few POCs that was done as part of the evolution journey

  • A/B testing to improve the user experience
  • Personalization exploring various tools available in the market - Machine Learning Vs Rule
  • Content + Commerce Hybrid Approach - Taking best of both world

Delivering Value – What really matters!

  • A highly scalable, robust and innovation friendly Architecture was delivered making for a strong foundation.
  • Reusability was at the core of architecture designed.
  • Time to Market was reduced to a fraction of initial time
  • Improved performance & SEO – The most basic for any website to do well.
  • Improved user experience that complements SEO & Performance
  • Reduced cost of maintenance
  • Faster & Seamless Deployment cycles using strong DevOps processes