Case Studies

Our Successful Client-Partner Relationship with a Global Nutrition Brand

Several companies have been susceptible to the pitfalls of corporate buying. We have successfully helped companies overcome these pitfalls by utilizing our nimble, niche, and high-performing technical architects and engineers.
When we were looking to offer our services in digital strategy, application development, globalization and support & maintenance, a global nutrition brand approached us.
To establish credibility and trust, we communicated our knowledge and experience. We also offered answers to questions such as ‘Do you supply multiple skills from SAP to Oracle, to Opensource to Mainframe?’ We ploughed on and proved our mettle.
Being one of the largest global brands in Nutrition, this client of ours was in a similar situation. It started when we got an opportunity to offer our services in digital strategy, application development, globalization and support & maintenance.
As a niche player, our first hurdle was to establish that credibility and trust – we were asked…Are you a vendor? Are you large enough? Do you supply multiple skills from SAP to Oracle, to Opensource to Mainframe? We ploughed on and proved our mettle.
The Discovery phase led us to understand that the client already had a vendor with them. On further studying the process and the system, the existing vendor had been meeting every need of the customer quantitatively but not qualitatively. Work was being carried out but no proactiveness was forthcoming from their existing vendor.
There was no innovation or value add. Simply put, the relationship was that of a vendor and not of a partner! And to top it all, the cost associated with it ran to six figures to handle global platforms enhancement, maintenance, and market needs.  
We inferred and presented our observation and concerns over the lack of customer alignment leads to a transformation that exceeds their expectations, in a good way despite spending in six figures and nothing new to show for it's!.

Client's Existing Vendor Challenges:

  • Lack of both technology and business skills
  • Inexperienced in certain specific technologies space
  • Just cross trained resources who go through a steep learning curve
  • Lack of foundational skills makes the entire implementation suffer
  • Did not ask a question or challenge the project management team

The Platform Delivered by the Generalist Vendor Experienced the Following:

  • Lack of clear vision for a digital customer journey
  • Lack of clear understanding of the digital delivery process
  • Digital UI/UX Engineering principles
  • Poor website performance
  • Lack of governance for the brand
  • Time to market was very high
  • No reusability – a module or code developed in one region is not being reused in other region or country
  • Lack of innovation – proof of concepts and test and learn approach
The Client Must Win! The Power of a Successful Client-Partner Collaboration
  • Conducting Existing Site Audit and creating a POV and POC
  • Having an experienced and talented team in the digital delivery
  • Strengthening the foundation by increasing site performance by 190%
  • Customer engagement increased by 40% through mobile apps
  • Customer journey orchestration with CMS at the core across the web, mobile app, deep integration and e-commerce, content and commerce-driven personalization, chatbots, AI, and IoT
  • Developing a vision for customer digital roadmap and implementing outcome-based delivery models
  • Successful deployment of a Global Digital content delivery platform
  • Localization of the Global platform across the world offices of the client in more than 15+ locations, thereby reducing time to market by 90%
  • Localization at 5% of the initial project development cost was made possible.
The Future Roadmap
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