Case Studies

Implementing Deep Personalization Strategies for a Non-profit National Foundation


A largest private law and graduate institution approached us to revamp their website that was visually unappealing, tough to navigate, not having the flexibility to quickly edit or publish the content, and poor in performance and responsiveness. As the new academic year and admission processes are about to begin, they wanted the new site delivered in a short period.


Our team conducted a comprehensive website assessment to discover their current platform capabilities and understood the underlying challenges in transforming the website into a modern-looking and user-friendly one. After the assessment, our team discovered,

  • Site is unresponsive due to poor architecture
  • Navigation is tougher because of the high volume of unorganized content
  • Content editing and authoring are mostly developer dependent
  • Departments didn’t have individual authority to promote their contents
  • Option to make aesthetic and design changes to the content are very limited


Our Solution

Our team of Digital Strategists, Drupal Consultants, and Senior Architects worked together to bring a holistic transformation to the website to meet the client’s goals. They built a new theme to meet the much-needed visual appeal, made page navigation easier with an intuitive menu setup, re-organized content based on user search, and implemented architectural changes that gave the flexibility to edit or publish the content easily.

Empowering individual departments to publish content

The school had 13 different departments and each department had its own agenda in terms of publishing blogs, newsletters, or other content to target their prospective students. Their current digital ecosystem was not allowing it and each department had to rely on developers even to make minor changes. To give a one-stop solution, our team integrated user-friendly theme builders that provided the self-serving ability and empowered them to publish new pages in hours.

Improving user experience

The website had nearly 17000 webpages and more than 150 menu items and it created a big challenge for users to access it. Our team made the content blocks better structured and easy to access further implemented various customizations to meet the client’s needs. We also ensured that these changes are made as per the client’s briefing even in terms of height, width, size, shape, color, and responsiveness.