Case Studies

How Chatbots helped improve a leading brand's omnichannel customer's experience and engagement

Understand how conversational UI can transform your customers’ digital experiences through better understanding and proactively engaging them across channels. 

We are living in an era where paradigm shifts are changing the way consumers communicate with the brands of the world. Ted Livingston was quoted saying “Chat apps will come to be thought of as the new browsers; bots will be the new websites. This is the beginning of a new Internet”. This is seconded by the rampant increase in usage of messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Kik etc. For brands, the imperative need is to be present in a space where their consumers are.


One of our existing clients, a leading health and nutrition giant were looking to create chatbots, to tap their customer base of the millennial moms. The existing platform we had built for them was already state of the art with close to 20+ integrations providing various support in terms of Ecommerce, CRM, Behavior tracking, Content management etc., providing a strong foundation to build a chatbot and AI apps over it.
We kicked off the projects phase with a critical analysis of the key metrics needed to integrate AI and Bots with the existing platform. Scalability, Cost to localize as this being a global brand, Ease of Customization etc., It is imperative to understand all the metrics before embarking on an implementation Many vendors think it’s not needed as the platforms were created by them but the need to evaluate all integrations thoroughly is something we at Ameex do.

Discovery & Analysis

Our research showed us that most solutions out there in the market did not score well on the integration & customization aspect, which brought us to the realization that if you need something done right, do it yourself! We ended up creating our own chatbot platform which is modular in nature with Stanford NLP and a custom chatbot engine which checks all the pre-requisites we started with.
Arriving at the solution was the easy part, the more important question was “how the brand was going to leverage the chatbot solution?” We knew that these were the benefits the BOT could provide:
1. Could reduce the amount of time/resource spend on answering mundane queries from consumers
2. Act as a personal advisor for all the questions a “Mom” may have about the product
3. Increase the availability of the consumer support desk which typically operated between 9 to 5 pm.
The Value Add

The company being global looked at adapting the solution across all locations. We worked with each geography’s objective of the brand.

  • The US entity wanted to leverage BOTs to produce an additional source of revenue by providing e-commerce solutions and
  • Canada’s objective was to offload the consumer support team by letting the BOT handle most chats.

The Outcome 

  • A Shop BOT for the US market launched in Facebook Messenger that tightly interacts with the web for content and Shop (in Shopify), working to provide product recommendations, ability to shop in chat interface, answer question on product quantity needs for the mom, track/manage her orders. 
  • Ability to interact with the Content from Web and Shopify making the cost of maintenance low enabling the “As you create once and publish across all the channels” a possibility.
  • Canada had the BOT launched on the website coupled with the Salesforce CRM solution and Data Mart Epsilon. The objective of the BOT being to provide answers to the Moms coming to chat with the BOT on Promotions or expressing interest to register and be part of their key brand programs, expressing concerns about their order etc… 
  • But hold your horses, This BOT was not a standalone solution!! It was developed with the ability to interact with the other components of the ecosystem thus making it more advanced. What it means is that “When a mom comes and asks an information, BOT refers to her profile, infers details from her data and provides an optimal solution.”
  • The BOT solution is built in such a way where scaling of the platform to other channels both voice and non-voice is easier and aids the brand in an omni channel experience for their customer.