Case Studies

Helping a Manufacturing Brand Migrate from Drupal 6+ Ubercart to Drupal 8+ Commerce

Customers today expect outstanding and personalized experiences at each touchpoint when they want to engage, on any platform they choose and expect their customer journey to be seamless.

Many organizations understand this. They always need to know the pulse of their customer to achieve this level of customer service and experience. Our client did. From the Manufacturing B2B space and with three generations of expertise and established background, our client had a clear strategy in place.

It was the lack of a solution provider who was confident enough to execute it that was lacking. Moving from Drupal 6 + Ubercart to Drupal 8 + Commerce. Simple right? Yes! With the right partner behind you. One who knows Drupal, has the skilled resources, the ability to scale and innovate, then yes. But with our client, they had failed attempts and thousands of dollars being spent with their existing vendor and it was with trepidation that they approached us. 



  • Improve the site performance
  • Increase Online Sales
  • Make the website a gateway to bring new customers by providing them relevant product information



  • The client’s site was in Drupal 6+ Uber cart. The objective was to migrate to Drupal 8+Commerce.
  • Our client’s experience in the past was with vendors who said they could not develop Drupal 8 + Commerce. No one was willing to try for fear of failing.
  • Multiple identical websites were required- To distinguish sports and Industrial Sensor Products.
  • Integration with shipping Services (UPS and USPS). Also, getting customer’s shipping number at the checkout – which would allow exemption of the shipping charges and a user would directly pay that to the carrier.
  • Commerce reordering was required where same order contents can be placed multiple times.
  • Improving Performance and SEO



  • Drupal Geeks provided Proof of Concept for key features In D8 & Commerce during discovery to build confidence.
  • Drupal Geeks also introduced a contractual clause to assure the customer that we would build D7 site at no extra cost in case of failure to implement in D8.
  • The multisite architecture was incorporated.
  • Intuitive 3-step checkout flow was implemented to improve the user experience.
  • Customized modules for Commerce reordering and placing orders with a shipping number.
  • Responsive Design


Business Outcome:

  • Significant reduction in total spending
  • Scalability to create multiple websites at a reduced cost
  • High website performance - Page load time of fewer than 2 seconds
  • Quick time to market
  • Improved SEO Standards