Case Studies

Building a scalable and high-performing drupal platform for a community college to conduct a virtual graduation ceremony

Ford Distributing decided to revamp their online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 to operate on a B2B2C model and accommodate the latest E-commerce features to their site.


Founded in 1976, Ford Distributing is one of the renowned suppliers of agricultural and industrial equipment across the US. They worked with chosen manufacturers to create products that impacted the end user experience. This helped them to grow their business in leaps and bounds.

Ford Distributing’s online presence is primarily focused for dealers who would like to order in bulk and then resell it on the local market.

Ford Distributing wanted to scale up their online revenue and reach new heights. They reached Ameex to help bring their platform to the latest trends with multiple new features. Considering the end of life for Magento 1 soon, our consultants suggested re-engineering the platform for Ford alongside a Magento upgrade.


Going in for a detailed Business Discovery

Ameex has been into e-commerce development and support for 13+ years and our approach is to understand the business flow and find how they adopt technology to enable the same. This helps us take a more consultative approach and fill in the technology later on top of the business solution we arrive at.

Ameex understood that Ford wanted a makeover of their website that will help them sustain and scale up over a long period. Being on Magento 1, it was easy for them to understand the might benefits they can reap by upgrading to Magento 2. Magento 2 also helps them set up a B2B2C storefront by default helping them reduce their operating cost and increasing efficiency.

We went in for a detailed discovery phase with multiple teams from Ford Distributing – Marketing, IT and the Management team to understand how each of them is facilitated with the e-commerce platform. This helped us gather a holistic view about the role of the platform in their business journey.