Authored by Drupal Geeks on 14 Oct 2021
Drupal Is Everywhere Really

Welcome to our second installment of this series! Today, I’m going to show you some more sites that utilize Drupal. Drupal is used to leverage the online presence of many educational institutions and sporting events and associations.

Drupal and Education

Many of the world’s major educational institutions use Drupal to fuel a variety of sites, both internal and external. Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education site is Drupal-powered, along with their School of Engineering. Drupal, as we have talked about before, is terrific for the educational field as it facilitates the rapid and fluid editing and addition of content that is vital for keeping schedules, announcements, and curriculum materials up-to-date.

Security, functionality, ease of navigation, and site management combine to provide a powerful solution for the needs of educational institutions. Notably, six of the eight Ivy League Universities, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania and Brown, each have at least one Drupal site. Many state schools, and public school systems also use Drupal for their needs. The Universities of Texas, Arizona, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire among many others, depend on Drupal for their student and faculty websites. Overseas, the American University of Paris, The University of Melbourne’s Newsroom, and the Vancouver School Board all rely on Drupal for their sites. Drupal is an ideal choice to fill the needs of academia, and to provide students, educators, and schools with a dynamic, scalable solution.

Drupal and Sports

Sporting events, teams, and associations use Drupal to serve up vibrant, engaging, multimedia content, schedules, scores, and ticket information. Major League Soccer’s site includes game schedules, standings, videos, and a fan shop where users can purchase team merchandise.

Basketball’s NBPA site serves as a portal for players and association members of the NBA, and also features a photo and video gallery. Also within the NBA many of the team sites are Drupal based including, but not limited to, The Boston Celtics, The Lakers, The Phoenix Suns, and The Knicks. All of these sites include photos, videos, schedules, box offices, and team stores with full e-commerce functionality.

Drupal isn’t just a great solution for team sites, it also helps serve up content for some of the world’s most prestigious sporting events. The websites for the legendary Kentucky Derby, and its home Churchill Downs, are Drupal based. Both sites feature multimedia content, event calendars, box offices, e-commerce, and most notably entrance to the Drupal-powered betting portal, Twin Spires. Some of the advantages of using Drupal for sites like these include functionality, (custom functionality can easily be developed to fit very specific needs), content management (which allows for up-to-the-minute reporting of scores and event outcomes) and ease-of-use.


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This article was authored by Kim Ikovic