Authored by Drupal Geeks on 14 Oct 2021
Web Design

Drupal 7 development is rapidly becoming one of the most important types of content management systems on the worldwide web. According to GCN, an IT blog focused on the public sector, more than 24% of all ".gov" websites use Drupal development to build an aesthetically pleasing, easily navigable, and functional webpage for their users. In fact, according to, 2.3% of all websites, 27.5 million, use Drupal web services.

What is Drupal?

Drupal, like WordPress and Joomla, are types of content management systems. Alex Byrne writes in "Why is Drupal So Popular?" that the ease of Drupal theme development, Drupal custom module development, and more make it the perfect CMS platform. For these reasons and others, websites for the White House, Popular Science, The Onion, and many others are all built using Drupal CMS development.

Benefits of Choosing Drupal Website Development over Others

  • Open-Source Equals Easier Development


    According to Computer World, the biggest reason people use Drupal theme development for their blog or business site is its open-source engineering. Because it's open source, the code can be changed as needed, without violating any laws. Imagine, the baseline Drupal code doesn't do what you want for customized Drupal theme development. Your Drupal designers can simply augment the code, adding the functionality you need.

  • A Constantly Growing Network of Developers


    As written on Marketing Tech Blog, Drupal enjoys a huge community of developers who are dedicated to improving the functionality of this open-source CMS platform. This huge developer base has lead to more than 5,000 custom built Drupal modules, updates every 36 days, and the soon to be released Drupal 8. In short, Drupal is the number one CMS platform when it comes to updates and new functionality.

  • User Engagement


    Unlike other content management systems developers, Drupal regularly holds huge meetups around the world. At these gatherings, marketing professionals, designers, and Drupal theme development teams come together to talk about the functionality of Drupal, where they'd like to see development go next, and so on. The Drupal development team is constantly gathering feedback from Drupal development companies and businesses like yours to find what they can do better.


If you've been on the fence about Drupal theme development, hopefully you now see the full benefits of using this powerful, open-source system. With the customizable open-source approach, constantly improved software, and constant user engagement, there is no other CMS like Drupal for what clients need and want.