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What’s New in Drupal 8? (Part One)

Drupal 8 Prep

What’s New for Mobile in Drupal 8?            

Drupal 8 is mobile ready right out-of-the-box. There has been a big push towards mobile functionality, not only for the end-user, but also for admins and developers. Drupal professionals will now have more on-the-go options for performing tasks within Drupal 8. To this end, the default admin themes Bartik, Seven, and Stark to will now utilize responsive functionality, allowing you to administer your Drupal 8 site from anywhere, while using any device. 

Drupal 8 Prototype

What’s New in the Drupal 8 Menu?

Drupal Menu Changes

Initially, the most noticeable change is the updated appearance of the admin bar. The capsule shaped menu buttons have been replaced with simple icons and text within rectangular areas. The icons in combination with the text may seem a bit redundant, but the admin themes responsive functionality makes the menu appear clean and uncomplicated when viewed on mobile devices. The text disappears leaving only the icons when viewed on a mobile device. The familiar Drupal 7 menu items have been condensed into a lone Menu area in Drupal 8. Clicking Menu causes another menu bar to appear below the top menu. On smaller screens this menu is automatically displayed vertically.

What’s New in Drupal 8 Core?

NOTE: The area that was labeled Modules is now Extend.

Drupal No WYSIWYG Editor

CKEditor: Everyone’s number one Drupal 7 grievance is the lack of an out-of-the-box WYSIWYG editor. The CKEditor module, although by default disabled, is included as part of Drupal 8 core. In addition the Text Editor module is included in the core, but will need to be enabled.

Email Field - Automatic validation of email address formats, and generation of a mailto: link. Handy.

Entity Reference Field: This CCK field type facilitates the creation of relationships between various content types. What was Node Reference in Drupal 6, and just Reference in Drupal 7, is now Entity Reference Field. ERF is provides an efficient way to link any defined entity, not just nodes. You define it; ERF can link it.

Picture – Automatically resizes images for display within an HTML5 responsive environment.

Telephone Field – This module creates a tel:  link when displayed. Convenient for Skype, Google Voice, and the like.

Views: Everyone needs it, everyone uses it, and up until now everyone had to install it. Finally Drupal core includes Views!

Be sure to join us next week for Part Two of our "What's New in Drupal 8" series.

By: Kim Ikovic

Kim Ikovic is contibuting author and CMS Advisor for Drupal Geeks. Drupal Geeks is available to assist clients in a wide variety of industries with Drupal Development, mobile solutions, and more.