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The Increased Potential of AI

The Increased Potential of AI

Computer vision is the latest evolution of the chatbot; computers are now able to comprehend and derive information from digital images or videos. With the emergence of visual chatbots, a whole new array of functions can be carried out for an enhanced experience for consumers. However, professional attention and support must be given alongside the implementation of these advancements; an experienced specialist can analyze your business’s needs along with its performance system to ensure that its newest tech product is successful.

With the introduction of computer vision to the commerce world, the consumer experience is more personalized than ever before. As fundamental to strategies of commerce as consumer experience is, such advanced artificial intelligence is producing a myriad of never-before-seen techniques, opportunities, and challenges in the industry. Whether you’re an online retailer or part of a vertical B2B company, AI now has the increased potential to not only boost brand value but also brand recognition.

The Detailing of Data

When part of a business, there are two things you can never have enough of - data, and customer feedback. Both of these are key to making sure your marketing, product development, and sales are constantly improving. With computer vision, the data collected captures much more than what you’re used to getting. Internal and external company data is amassed and combined for an integrated AI-assisted management. This kind of improved management leads to easily accessible solutions for spontaneous as well as common problems that arise in merchandising and service.

Along with the novelty that accompanies utilizing advanced technology, managers are cognizant of the significant benefits that AI brings with it. Aside from the increase in convenience, new business opportunities present themselves in tandem with developments in technology. Businesses are also able to stay competitive in this expanding industry where factors like digital presence and ROI are crucial components of success.

Determining the Best Fit

As it is with most technological advancements, the introduction and application of computer vision can be expensive. Meticulous thought and effort must be put into determining the most appropriate functionalities, platforms, vendors, and capture processes. It is heavily reliant on the application that the business requires, and it is depending on that that you must choose from the variety of tools that each have their own function and purpose.

  • Carried on-site by staff: personal use smartphones, capture devices, cameras, scanners, etc.
  • Remote or fixed cameras/mobile devices
  • Autonomously functioning robots/bots in warehouses, retail, etc.

Factors such as location and placement of fixed devices may be limited - however, they provide incredibly detailed information in relation to things like shelf spacing and specific location merchandise management. Nonetheless, roaming bots have a much wider visual range and surpass limits like this, contributing to across-the-board analytics.

Heightened Customer Experiences

Brand recognition, marketing, and consumer experience can all be greatly improved via the use of computer vision utilizing AI. Consumer experiences become more personalized, while through features like emotional recognition/analysis managers are provided with an incredibly detailed level of information.

Engineered to enhance customer service and competitiveness, converting to AI-assisted technologies is a sure way to make a beneficial change for your customers. 

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