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Are you serious about going mobile-friendly? Well, Google gets serious about being mobile-friendly.

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Making sure your site is mobile-friendly is now more important than ever, Google has announced, that starting April 21, 2015, mobile search results will be looking at mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Mobile-responsive websites are easy to view on any type of device, be it a smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet computer. If people can easily view your website, your site may get better prominence in Google search results. If not, your website may get pushed to the bottom of the results pages.

Importance of being mobile-friendly:

Crunch the statistics below to understand how the world is going mobile:

  • Mobile internet usage soars by 67% in 2014 (Source: Statcounter, an independent web analytics)
  • Mobile phones are a main source of internet access for one-quarter of the smartphone population in US [Source: Pew internet research]
  • Smartphone Users Worldwide Will Total 2 Billion in 2015 [Source: emarketer]

Does it affect my business?

You may soon see that your site’s mobile search visibility and visitors dropping significantly, Google has been focusing heavily on UX as a search engine results ranking factor. It’s time to get your website into a mobile responsive site.

Wanna know your site’s mobile compatibility? Take a mobile-friendly test directly from Google.

Should I do it?

You may have limited budget to give your website the responsive design update it needs. But the truth is, 2015 is your year to convince yourself or your boss or senior leadership that you must make it mobile-friendly. The longer this investment gets put off, you're only making your online presence less relevant and credible, and you're falling further behind your competition, who has probably already made the upgrade.

As April 21st is fast approaching, make it a priority to become mobile friendly!

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