Authored by Drupal Geeks on 14 Oct 2021

With the number of departments, programs, and classes involved, colleges and universities need a flexible and powerful Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to engage students better and improve enrollment. The platform should be easy on maintenance, provide the ability to create or edit content with limited developer support, and deliver high performance. Additionally, as the communication between faculties and students are happening primarily thru digital channels since the pandemic, the platform must have the ability to scale up to the demands.

Drupal is an efficient and powerful DXP that offers flexibility, scalability, and security in one place that is why 71 of the top 100 universities like Stanford, Purdue, George Washington University, Virginia Tech, RACC, Reconnection Institute use it today!

Multi-Site Architecture

Drupal architecture provides the ability to host multiple websites as it comes with a single code base. The codes, components, modules, and themes can be reused across different websites providing a unified experience for the users. Further, if all individual websites run on one platform, it will be easy to maintain and reduce cost.

Content Authoring

When comes to time-to-market, one of the daunting challenges for any large universities and educational institutions is the ability to update or publish new content, launch new landing pages, add videos, gallery, etc. quickly and with limited developer support. As Drupal provides code-less content authoring support, individual departments and teams can create content with ease.


Drupal is widely known as a highly secured open-source CMS. Its application framework is supported by a team of security experts across the globe. They consistently validate and release security patches to keep Drupal CMS updated and threat free.

Multi-Language Support

The support for multiple admin languages comes as a part of Drupal’s core architecture. This helps to build websites in multiple languages faster and improve your brand’s international presence.

API & Decoupled

Drupal offers the flexibility to build your front end using any front-end technology as it follows API first approach. This helps you to get as creative and user-friendly as possible in building the front-end.


The API first approach further enables you to integrate with any third-party systems offering you the ability to manage multiple processes and workflows easily.


Drupal has the largest open-source community that helps to build amazing experiences for your users. The community contributes consistent updates and feedback to improve the efficiency of the Drupal platforms.

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