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Common Mistakes Companies Make when Hiring a Drupal Team



Drupal is a robust open-source content management system. It is an excellent solution to growing your business, with its most significant benefit being scalability. It also provides many modules that improve performance, adds functionality, and make website management an easy endeavor.

However, the Drupal platform has to be established by a team of experts. When considering to hire a Drupal development team, you have different options to choose from as web development, digital, and outsourcing service providers operate on a freelance basis. To reap the benefits of Drupal, you need to partner up with the right developers. We present you the most common mistakes companies make when hiring a Drupal team. Let’s go.

1. Not Searching for Real Experts

Hiring a freelancer is tricky business because you can’t know whether they are really specialized in Drupal development because it is a very specialized arena. You want to hire a team that will provide you with a solution that matches your aspirations, so it’s important to find a master Drupal developer who is an expert know-how in the field and has years of experience.

2. Not Broadening Your Search

Searching for Drupal development experts only in your vicinity would be a huge mistake, especially with such a massive pool of talent that you can tap into online. Start looking for developers with positive reviews on the Internet; reach out to reputed and credible Drupal development service providers, and you’ll ensure that people you hire are the best in the business.

3. Not Checking the Credentials


When hiring a Drupal expert, you must run a credential check on the individual, team, or development company that you’re going to hire for your project. Browse through review forums, check their LinkedIn profile, or talk to their existing clients. This will give you a clear picture on their performance and reputation.

4. Not Knowing Your Needs

Mistakes can easily creep in when you don’t know the end-specifications of Drupal development services you need. Be sure to clearly define the job role and the description of the job before you hire anyone. Know your needs and look for expertise in the particular segment of Drupal development.

5. Not Knowing Your Budget

We all know that your budget can be a major restraining factor when you want to hire the best expert for your project. Determine your budget before hiring anyone by calculating the money you can spend on Drupal development. Ask for price quotes and choose the most appropriate and affordable option. This way, you’ll avoid a few headaches in the future.

6. Not Knowing Different Drupal Facets

Besides Drupal front-end and back-end developers, you’ll have to fill some other roles to round up the whole project. Some skills and jobs overlap, but certain functions within a Drupal project require specialized skills. Consider hiring Drupal DevOps engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Design/UX expert, or Product Owner.

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