Authored by Drupal Geeks on 14 Oct 2021

Finding the right channels to offer the content for your audience's consumption is vital for increasing user engagement. While there are many channels that offer the pathway, the channel with respect to each visitor is different. Drake might love browsing news feed via his smartphone while Beckett might be old school and still love her old computer for the same. The decision on choosing the right channel should be backed by data and with the number of users increasing each day one cannot accomplish this manually.

This is where you get to be friends with Artificial Intelligence driven Personalization.

AI driven Analytics

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence go hand in hand in delivering Personalized content for the users. Analytics is the key in analysing user behaviour and rendering content that is relevant and what the users are looking for.

Behavioural & Predictive analytics are key aspects to analyze the usage patterns and behavior after they leave imprints on the website. Clear pictures of their behaviors mean you can make informed deductions about why they do what they do and how they might act in the future, given certain conditions.

With analytics being a key component in delivering user insights, AI uses the data from analytics to understand and act on the customer behavior by creating personalized messages, recommendations based on the user history.

For example, check out Amazon, the home page is completely customized based on the user’s activity over a period. The Personalized panels will throw out product recommendations, discounts on my favorite and recently visited products, cross-selling products etc.

This personal touch is a key influencing factor in enabling the customer to engage more with our website. In short, AI would help in delivering relevant, personalized content

Benefits of AI-based Personalization

  • User Engagement
  • User Subscription
  • Influencing purchase decision
  • Referral to others

Imagine a scenario where the customer seeing the product he wants to buy on the home page of your site without having to type and search for it. This reduces the purchase decision journey and improves conversion rates.

We have implemented this for one of our clients in CPG industry and it has increased the user engagement and enrolments by a significant margin. Contact us to know more on this

But, what about the benefits to business owners?

  • Tracking customer journey within your website
  • Informed decision making about customers
  • Insights about products/content
  • Delivering Happy Customers
  • Customer Journey

It helps to track different customer journey touch points throughout the life cycle and identifies key steps in the customer journey. It helps us to plan to send the right message at right time on the right channel to keep the customer happy and get more business.

Data-driven Decision Making

With even the minuscule detail of customer behavior, AI helps business owners in making informed decisions to push the right kind of messages to the prospect. AI has simplified modeling, analysis and helps in reliable decision making to deliver business solutions. Rather than pushing out mass emails, you can customize the messages for the customer automatically based on their behavior on your website.

Enriched customer experience

Customers tend to be loyal to a service provider when they are always in touch. According to a survey, on an average 73% of customers prefer brands which avail good support. Here is where BOTs can help to a greater extent, given its knowledge and understanding of the user’s profile and preferences. The Chatbot’s 24/7 availability and the instant messaging communication channel provides the personal touch to garner engagement. It does not stop with a mere interaction. It goes beyond to understand the customer’s buying preferences and comes up with relevant product information, recommendations that would not only enable conversion of sales and increase in bottom-line but also encourages the customer to stay with the brand for a sustained period.

So what are you waiting on? Ain’t you interested in getting more users looped in your site for a longer duration? Driving users towards more conversions? We are just a click away!