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10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Drupal Site’s Social Appeal

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We all know that Drupal is a great CMS for SEO, and that there are lots of terrific SEO modules for Drupal. Did you know that Drupal has a lot to offer in the social media arena as well? You didn’t?  Then you’ve come to the right place. In addition to Drupal’s powerful SEO capabilities, there are tons of great ways to use Drupal to increase your social visibility. Here are 10 simple things that you can do to boost your social media presence with Drupal.

1. Share Your Thoughts                                                                                                                      

Hopefully, your site is already famous for your incredible content. If not, it’s never too late to start! Blog posts can serve as a catalyst for increased social activity on your Drupal site. Your blog can deliver creative content, help to spark ideas, and offer inspiration that spurs conversations and boosts social media sharing. Luckily for you, Drupal comes equipped for blogging. Just activate the blog module in Drupal core and start blogging!

2. Get Some Feedback

Enabling commenting allows users to interact with each other, as well as with your company this is a crucial step. For your Drupal site to have real social relevancy users must be able to add their thoughts, commentary, and, yes, sometimes even criticism.  I know that this can seem risky, but it is a worthwhile (and manageable) risk. Building a sense of community among your users can offer up many rewards; increased “likes”, “shares”, and ongoing conversations that keep people coming back to your site are just a few benefits. I, personally, think that there is even greater value in the information that you can glean from these comments and conversations. You have the ability to quickly ascertain how your customers react to your content, products, services and much more. I recommend enhancing your Drupal site’s comment system with the Disqus module, which includes social sharing features, a smooth admin interface, and smart spam filtering.

3. Get Tweets and Re-Tweets

It’s simple to tap into the social media giant Twitter using Drupal's Tweet Button module. The Tweet Button module adds Twitter's official Tweet button to your site, and permits users to Tweet your content directly from your site with just the click of a button. Since most Twitter users are also power content sharers, this is an excellent method of getting your content shared.

4. Become One with Facebook

Facebook is an essential marketing channel for any type of business, and allows your brand to be seen in ways never before possible. Using Drupal's FB Social will allow you to integrate Facebook with your Drupal site, adding a “like” button for your Facebook page, as well as to your content. In addition to the FB social module, you can also install the Facebook Live Stream Module. This module allows you to display a real-time stream of your Facebook updates within a block on your Drupal site.

5. Share and Share Alike

Many of your site visitors may also find it useful if you have incorporated modules for “Add to Any”, “Share This” and “Add This”. These modules offer users the ability to share content on a variety of niche social networks, while keeping your blog clean looking.

6.  Integrate Feedburner

The Feedburner Drupal module integrates Drupal with the services provided by Google FeedBurner, and provides e-mail and RSS feed subscription opportunities for your readers.

7. Attractive Formatting

It is vital that your content is formatted and presented in such a way that readers are comfortable both reading and sharing your work. This means crafting catchy titles, the liberal use of bulleted lists, the creation of text that can be quickly scanned and consists of short paragraphs and concise headers.

8. Sow the Social Seeds

Encourage your employees or co-workers to leave comments on your organizations blog posts and to share new content via their own social accounts. This method of social seeding can help to encourage others to engage with your company- people enjoy feeling like they're joining an already-lively conversation.

9. Be a Great Guest

What? Why would I want to blog on someone else’s site?

Doing a few guest appearances on other sites in the form of blogs offers a way for you to build backlinks and to reach a wider untapped audience. The readers who enjoy your content, will likely visit your site, and with any luck become your new subscribers - thus giving you a larger audience to share and engage with. Check out Blogger Link Up and My Blog Guest to find other sites on which to blog.

10.  Be a Gracious Host

We already know how important it is to get feedback, “likes” and “shares” from others, but it’s also vital to remember that returning the favor to others can also help you build a following. People tend to like and appreciate those who like and appreciate them. Monitor your site’s comments and your social media interactions, respond and repost as often as you can. Building good will and a sense of fellowship among your social acquaintances can be as easy as treating them like their thoughts matter to your company.

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